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Our passion revolves around building capacity in people and our consulting practice is built around this passion. Moreover, our real-world leadership experiences in healthcare included the management of highly integrated organizations as well as facilitating collaboration and strategic choices within complex relationships among multiple providers, including the communities they served.

Those experiences helped us understand that people and culture are at the center of any strategic initiative – process is critical in building consensus and energy across diverse stakeholders. At the same time, as organizational leaders held accountable for performance, we understand that delivering or executing the plan is the ultimate measure of success. We carry that notion forward in our consulting practice. Plans need to be realistic and implementable. Building capacity is not “soft” HR jargon. It’s about increasing the probability that you will be successful in the long run. In fact, culture is the most enduring element of an organization (plans change, personnel changes, but culture transcends administrations and strategic initiatives).

We believe that by asking the right questions we facilitate INSIGHT into your organization-the people in your organization, the market in which you operate and the relationships you have-in order to develop the most effective STRATEGIES for your success.

Our client relationships are managed and staffed by our principals. The Insight Strategies difference revolves around the way in which we approach our engagements and the depth of the relationships we establish with our clients. Every engagement has two essential dimensions: First, the technical deliverables such as a redesigned process or a strategic plan. Second, every engagement has embedded in it process steps that increase the capacity of the organizations we serve.

It is the combination of these dimensions that lead to improved implementation and sustainability.


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