Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs Drive Us

Our consulting practice integrates the three key areas for organizational success—people, strategy and operations. We are driven by a set of core beliefs:

  1. Conversation is a core business process.
  2. Those doing the work are experts who have the answers (they just may not know it yet).
  3. Planning and process improvement are learning opportunities and should involve ongoing conversation to complement appropriate data and technical analysis.
  4. Asking the right questions and listening deeply is essential to understanding.
  5. Looking at the organization as a system—seeing both the forest and the trees individually and together at the same time, seeing across parochial boundaries, discerning interdependencies and facilitating solutions across the whole—is the only way to create successful, sustainable solutions in the complex clinical/social environments in which we work.
  6. A plan is only as good as its implementation and therefore we must connect our broad, real-world experience to practical deliverables for our clients. All of our engagements are built around clearly articulated deliverables from the outset.

We do not approach engagements with predetermined solutions. While best practice research and benchmarking are essential components to our process, experience has shown us that if the strategies do not logically emanate from the knowledge and the culture of the organization developing them, short-term success may be possible but sustainability is unlikely.

Because of our core beliefs, we structure our engagements in such a way that dialogue and participation are optimal. Our focus on asking the right questions brings out the best thinking of the team.

We hear after virtually every engagement that the leaders see an improvement in the way in which their teams talk to one another, engage in the execution of the strategies that have been developed during the process, and the way in which they work together to problem solve and lead the organization through change.

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