The Insight Strategies Difference

Our approach

Our approach focuses on the team and building a critical mass of process owners and proponents who will lead the development of the new process, the training of the new process, and the accountability to the new process. We believe those closest to the work know it best. We believe that care in a high-functioning department and organization is a team sport: Namely, that the process must be built around the patient and that it must optimize the system of care, not merely one aspect of that care (i.e., the providers or the nurses).

Our approach addresses the entire system (for example, in an ED it encompasses from the time the ED learns a patient is coming until that patient physically leaves the ED regardless of disposition—to the inpatient unit, discharge home or transfer to a post-acute care facility). Once the redesign is complete, our approach calls for rapid and complete implementation, with continuous improvement opportunities built in to ensure ongoing improvements and sustainability.

We believe that an improvement initiative is not a technical exercise whose success is determined solely by the facilitator’s knowledge of the specific tools of the employed methodology (Lean or Six Sigma, for example). This is first and foremost about the way in which the caregivers think about their work. Our approach draws out those deeply held beliefs and challenges them in relation to what is best for the patient. That’s why we teach those participating on the redesign team about conversation as a core business process, and provide them with specific tools that facilitate productive conversations about those beliefs. This is what leads to breakthrough thinking and changing old habits.

Our consultants

With Insight Strategies, the onsite consultants are the company’s Principals: Scott Adler and Robert Beyer. Both have held C-suite positions in large hospitals within national health systems. Both Scott and Bob have more than 30 years of healthcare leadership experience. This experience allows for the creation of relationships with hospital leadership, physician leadership and department leadership that typical Black Belt or Green Belt trained facilitators are unable to establish and/or navigate through the politics associated with them. Our advice is borne of our experience as hospital administrators as well as Principals in Insight Strategies where we’ve worked successfully for more than 11 years at hospitals, health systems and large physician group practices across the country. For example, more than 4 million patients are experiencing improved patient care each year in EDs we’ve whose processes we’ve redesigned.

Our tools

Additionally, the robust performance-monitoring template that we leave our clients with is an excellent tool for ongoing understanding and management of the clinical area that has been redesigned. It includes a deep dive on the various aspects of the area’s performance.

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